Monday, October 31, 2011

Abbie Speaks at Esperanza High school

Sophomore Abbie Maraldi plays Volleyball at CSUF and Thursday she joined Esperanza High's FCA. Abbie was an outstanding influence on the day, as she inspired many.

Kriza and Janali Speak at Villa Park High School

Kriza (CSUF- Sprinter) from Long Beach Poly, and Jana lee West (CSUF- Soccer) from SD both shared with the students Wednesday during FCA. These two girls were a great infulence to many on campus.

2011 FCA Is Rolling

With study's, Game nights, and fellowship the year is off to a great start!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FCA at Cal State Fullerton

FCA at Cal State Fullerton is off to a great start. There will be more pictures of the group asap. They have been meeting for the past 4-5 weeks and the group is on average around 15-27 student athletes. They have bible study and game nights where they are centering their efforts and life around reaching their highest level of performance with and for the Lord. To become a champion of life that impacts the world for Christ.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FCA and CSUF "Catch Fire"

As the Semester continues the FCA group continues to Catch fire in their efforts to see God move in a big way through their life and their campus. thanks to your donations we were able to provide the athletes material to reach the lost as well as develop their faith walk with God. The awesome board to the right was made by one of the student leaders- Abbi Maraldi. Please continue to be in prayer for the student athletes here that God will have his hand upon the group as we call upon his in so many ways!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gymnast Shelly Copper Speaks at VP High School

Gymnast Shelly Cooper reaches out to around 100 high school students at VPHS about her savior and spoke on how she competes to honor and glorify God and her relationship with him.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Omondi Speaks at Yorba Linda High School

Omondi Amoke (Basketball) was the number one CA state prospect coming out of high school. He is now with CSF and he came to YLH FCA to share his story of coming to the Lord. In front of 200 Yorba Linda high students Omondi reached many with the way to Jesus Christ. The video is long but it is a must see video.

Mike (Baseball) & Abbi (Volleyabll) Speak at El Dorado High School

Monday Mike Lorenzen (Baseball) and Abbi Maraldi (Volleyball) spoke at the FCA event outreach.
Abbi shared her heart explaing no matter if you are an athlete or not, whether you play in college or not, that our mission is to honor and glorify God with in everything we do.
Mike talked about his coming to Lord as a junior in high school as he turned from alcohol and drugs. He explained his choice of turning down a lot of money to come to Cal State Fullerton. That choice meant everything to him now that God used him to lead someone on his team to Christ.
It was awesome, as Mike and Abbi both were excellent examples and influence of Christ to these students.

A continued thank you to all that are apart of this journey with us. This happens through your prayer and support because God is moving.
Lets all continue to pray that God will have his hand upon these students, these schools, and move through FCA in North OC.
In him,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching Fire- 2/1

Tuesday Night at Cal State Fullerton we started up our new semester. This new year our theme is "Catch Fire". The student leaders came up with this theme along with a bible verse that is focused around FCA studnet athletes catching fire with God to see him move in a powerful way through their life and this campus. God has gifted them to have reached this new level in their life. It is great to see them developing, growing, encouraging, and helping one another to step up and out to reach all God can do through them.

It was awesome to see our leaders leading. Our Co-president Mike Lorenzen (baseball) lead the bible study and did an outstanding job.
Please be in prayer for these athletes to catch fire. They need us!